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Core Component Technical Specification Version 3.0

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United Nations Economic Commission for Europe UN/CEFACT
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This Core Components Technical Specification (CCTS) provides a way to identify, capture and maximize the re-use of business information to support and enhance information inter-operability across multiple business situations. The specification focuses both on human-readable and machine-processable representations of this information. This technical specification is also published as an ISO technical specification ISO TS 15000-5 (  

The CCTS, with its sematic standardization in syntax-neutral fashion, allows for neutral language to be used to create data and information exchange models that are devoid of computer-driven syntax limitations and requirements. The CCTS key concepts encompass two focus areas – core components and business information entities. Fundamentally, core components are sematic building blocks that can be used for all aspects of data and information modeling and exchange. Business Information Entities (BIEs) is defined by Core Components act as conceptual models. BIEs represent the conceptual core as logical/physical data model objects and information exchanges. Thus, the structure of core components (CCs) and business information entities (BIEs) are complementary in many respects. 

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- Other XML format: This is a methodology for developing syntax-neutral data elements for electronic data exchange.
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