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Toward a National Integrated and Sustainable Trade and Transport Facilitation Monitoring Mechanism: BPA+

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United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific and United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
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This guide aims to provide guidance to the countries on establishing a sustainable trade and transport facilitation monitoring mechanism (TTFMM). The key functions of 

the TTFMM are two-fold: (1) to formulate/update and prioritize recommendations for advancing trade facilitation; and (2) to measure and assess progress in trade facilitation.  

Underpinning TTFMM is the methodology called Business Process Analysis Plus (BPA+) which is built on the Business Process Analysis methodology, supplemented by Time Release Studies (TRS) and Time-Cost-Distance (TCD) methodologies. It is envisaged that establishment of TTFMM would enable the countries to monitor and enhance trade facilitation on a continuous basis and in a sustainable manner 

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