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UN Recommendation for Transport Code: Recommendation 19: Codes for mode of transport

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United Nations Economic Commission for Europe UN/CEFACT
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Recommendation 19 establishes a one-digit numerical code for representing transport modes and provides for a second digit for subdivisions, which might be required. Mode of transportation code as defined in Recommendation 19 as following: 

0  Transport mode not specified 

1  Maritime transport  

2  Rail transport  

3  Road transport  

4  Air transport  

5  Mail 

6  Multimodal transport  

7  Fixed transport installation  

8  Inland water transport 

9  Transport mode not applicable 


This Recommendation applies to all cases where the mode of transport is represented in coded form in international trade documents and where a simple code structure suffices. 

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Recommendation for use of codes in international trade data exchange
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UN Recommendation