Packing List (PL)


A document which covers the physical delivery of goods from one physical site to another in line with a transport contract obligation.


Seller of goods and services.


Buyer of goods and services.

Legal Framework

The B2B document in its primary usage is not subject to private and/or public laws.


There are no exact numbers available.

Key Standards

UNCEFACT Buy-Ship-Pay (BSP) is the Global Supply Chain Reference Data Model used by key industry stakeholders.

Major Differences between Standards

Other standards have not yet been identified at global level.


Any platform could be used as this is a B2B data exchange.

Key Data Elements & Definitions

  • Document: Invoice Number; Seller Reference; Buyer Reference; Transport Contract Number
  • Party: Original Consignor (Seller); Final Consignee (Buyer); Transport Service Provider
  • Location: Port of Loading; Port of Discharge; Place of Delivery (UN/LOCODE)
  • Goods: Number of Packages; Type of Packaging (UNCEFACT coded) and Shipping Marks; HS Code (Commodity Code); Description of Goods; UNDG Number (Dangerous Goods); Proper Shipping/ Technical Name (Dangerous Goods); Packaging Requirements (Dangerous Goods)
  • Measure: Temperature Setting for Reefer Containers’ Number of Packages; Type of Packaging (UNCEFACT coded) and shipping marks; volume (cube); weight
  • Transport: Conveyance Reference Number (i.e. Voyage/ Flight/Trip number); Mode of Transport (Air, Road, Rail or Sea) Coded value UNCEFACT; Identifier (i.e. IMO Vessel Number or Vehicle VIN)
  • Terms: Incoterms
  • Consignment: Consignment, including consignment item, based (giving the details of a consignment item from the point of view of the goods transported); Package based (giving the details of a consignment from the point of view of the package used for the transportation i.e. the logistics units within which the goods are transported); Container Number
  • Instructions: Delivery Instructions; Packaging Instructions 

All semantic data elements quoted above have definitions aligned to the UN/CEFACT BSP Reference Data Model Definitions.


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Document-Specific Challenges

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Document Specific Solutions

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