A. General Information

1. Title

EU SEED (Systematic Electronic Exchange of Data)

2. Status of the project/service
3. Implementation period of the project/service:
5. Geographical coverage
Regional: Europe
6. Participating agencies/entities of the project/service:
a. Development stage
Lead agencies/entities
Customs Administrations of Western Balkans Region
Other participating agencies/entities
b. Operational stage
Lead agencies/entities
The Customs Administrations of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.
Other participating agencies/entities
7. Main stakeholders/beneficiaries of the project/services
Traders (SMEs)
Customs brokers
8. Business process category of the project/service
Regulatory/official control

B. Lessons Learned

9. Summary description of the project/service
a. Objective(s)

To support the customs administrations of the Beneficiaries in their efforts to implement the SEED system for the exchange of pre-arrival information. 

b. Business need for the project/service (background)

Improvement of BAs Risk Analysis Capacity and Trade Facilitation.

c. Business process covered*

Development of a common system and a regional standard for the electronic and automatic exchange of encrypted pre-arrival information in “real-time” between Beneficiary Customs Administrations.

d. Overall architecture and functionalities*
e. Relevant document/figure
10. Documents and data exchanged via the project/service

SAD (agreed set of data from Customs documents) 

11. Data models/databases, proprietary solutions, hybrid approaches
12. Main challenges faced during the project/service
13. Lessons learned from the project/service

Cross-border border management within the region can reduce security risks. Systematic data exchange can harmonize customs border procedures. 

14. Main benefit(s) of the project/service
Enhanced regulatory compliance*
Simplified process
Increased trade flow
14A. Elaborations/detailed description on benefits gained:


  • Improved Administrative (organizational and operational) capacity at beneficiary administrations in order to properly manage the SEED.  

  • Improved Cooperation within the Region with specific reference to cross border communication and cooperation; Integrated Border Management (IBM); as well as on reducing security risks.  

  • Increase effectiveness of National Intelligence and Investigation Services 

  • Enhanced EU Integration Perspective, with specific reference to the fulfilment of the Customs Blueprints requirements related with IT and exchange of information (NCTS; CNN/CSI, etc.) 

15. Technical/financial/capacity building/other assistance

Italian Customs Agency 

16. Future plan for expansion of the project and service

New project in pipeline that will include other border agencies in the systematic data exchange. One step closer to Single Window in the Western Balkans Region. 

17. Other information or relevant references on the project and service
18. Relevant document regarding the project/service

C. Relevant Standards

20. Electronic message standard
20A. Electronic message standard supporting the project/service:
- WCO Data Model
20B. Type of standard for electronic message applied for the project/service
International standard
Industry-specific standard
Technical recommendations from international body(ies)
21. Technical communication standard
21A. Technical communication standard supporting the project/service
SOAP web services
21B. Type of technical communication standard applied for the project/service
International standard
22. Security-related standards*
22A. Security-related standard supporting the project/service
Web Services Security (WS-Security)
22B. Type of security-related standard applied for the project/service
International standard
23. Other Technical Information
23A. Interface developed for data exchange with an internal system
23B. Other technical implementation information