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Business Requirement Specifications (BRS): Buy-Ship-Pay Reference Data Model

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United Nations Economic Commission for Europe UN/CEFACT
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The objective of this Business Requirement Specification (BRS) is to describe the requirements for a generic Reference Data Model (RDM), generalizing the concepts of the Multi-Modal Transport Reference Data Model (MMTRDM) and the Supply Chain Reference Data Model (SCRDM), leading to the development, publishing and improving the maintenance of a Business Standard, which can be applied by country and regional administrations and industries.  

The BRS in combination with the UN/CEFACT International Supply Chain Reference Model (ISCRM) BRS describes a generic reference data model and provides a framework to accommodate the requirements of a) cross-border supply chain trade related transactions, including government domain, needs for their own specific information exchanges and b) supporting the transport-related processes involved in the cross-border supply chain and covering the involved business areas at a high-level, the main parties and the information involved, whilst complying to and fostering the adoption of the overall processes and data structures as these have been developed in UN/CEFACT. 

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