MLETR Tracker

In the transition to paperless trade, the recognition in domestic legal systems of electronic transferable records (ETRs) is essential to unlock the benefits of trade digitization. The UNCITRAL Model Law on Electronic Records (MLETR) aims to enable the use of ETRs both domestically and across borders, by recognizing the legal validity of ETRs that are functionally equivalent to their paper-based counterparts.


Stage Term Definition
MLETR SOCIALISATION MLETR information has been conveyed and socialised with relevant policymakers within the government and ownership of MLETR as an issue has been established within the government
POLITICAL SUPPORT Jurisdiction has committed to adopt or align to MLETR through (i) public statements; (ii) political declarations (e.g. G20 communiques, G7 ministerial statements etc.); or (iii) trade agreements
DOMESTIC ANALYSIS Jurisdiction has been identified gaps in legal frameworks relevant to electronic transferable records
READINESS ASSESSMENT Jurisdiction has undertaken or received through technical assistance an assessment of laws requiring amendment
STAKEHOLDER CONSULTATION Jurisdiction has consulted with stakeholders, including industry
LEGISLATIVE DRAFTING Jurisdiction has drafted legislation to adopt or align to MLETR
PASSAGE OF LEGISLATION Draft legislation has passed through relevant parliamentary or executive processes to become law
ENTRY INTO FORCE Relevant law has entered into force
This tracker reflects information as known to ICC DSI, stakeholders are invited to share any additional information that maybe relevant to update it.