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Business Requirement Specifications (BRS): Common Supply Chain requirements

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United Nations Economic Commission for Europe UN/CEFACT
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The Common Supply Chain BRS focuses on requirements for data structures that are commonly used across all supply chain messages. This document lists a number of generic data requirements that apply to all or most supply chain processes. This document is meant to be used in conjunction with Business Requirement Specifications for specific processes such as the Ordering BRS and the Invoicing BRS. 

In 2008 the current release 1 of this document was published. Requirements have for a large part been taken from draft BRS documents for Ordering, Shipping and Invoicing as drafted in 2004-2006 by CEN/ISSS Workshop eBES, the European Expert Group 1 (EEG1). Basis for enhancing these requirements were contributions from TBG1 members such as GS1, UBL, EDIFrance, US Department of Defense, and others. Also, requirements were implemented from Construction (TBG 6) and from the Finance sector (TBG 5). The structure was reworked according to the Buy-Ship-Pay process model developed by TBG14.  

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