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Business Requirement Specifications (BRS): Cross Industry Remittance Advice Process

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United Nations Economic Commission for Europe UN/CEFACT
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This document describes the Remittance Advice process being a part of the payment process for communicating the Remittance Advice data related to the transfer of funds between trading partners such as the customer and the supplier in the Supply chain. 

The first draft of the Business Requirements Specification (BRS) was presented at the September 2004 UN/CEFACT Forum to the TBG1 members for review and comments from the other regions. The BRS was further developed with requirements contributed from the various TBG1 members, and from the Finance sector (TBG 5). The structure of the BRS was reworked according to the Buy-Ship-Pay process model developed by TBG 14.  

The purpose of this document, which is based on the structure of the UN/CEFACT Business Requirements Specification (BRS) document reference CEFACT/ICG/005, is to define globally consistent ordering processes for worldwide supply chains, using the UN/CEFACT Modelling Methodology (UMM) approach and Unified Modelling Language to describe and detail the business processes and transactions involved. 

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