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CITES electronic permitting toolkit V2.0

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The CITES ePermitting Toolkit was developed by CITES Secretariat and the Working Group to support Parties in the implementation of electronic Permitting systems. The first version was presented on the CoP 15 (Doha 2010). The Annex of the CITES electronic toolkit was updated in 2013 to include new electronic permitting standards and norms developed by UN/CEFACT and WCO. 

The first three chapters of the Toolkit provide background information on the use of electronic Business solutions for CITES permitting. The Annex of the Toolkit contains the normative part of the Toolkit. It provides a data model and the message specifications in UN/EDIFACT and XML format for electronic CITES permits.  The message formats are given in the UN/CEFACT Core Component Library (CCL) standard (ISO 15000 suite of standards) and in the WCO Data Model standard. 

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