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UN/CEFACT Recommendation 34: Data Simplification and Standardization for International Trade

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United Nations Economic Commission for Europe UN/CEFACT
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Recommendation 34 – Data Simplification and Standardisation for International Trade recommends a simple, easy-to-use and cost effective 4 stage process to achieve the objective of a national simplified and standardised dataset. Following the simplification and standardisation process described in the Recommendation guidelines, a government should be able to reduce the regulatory and official information requirements through the elimination or duplication of submissions and the removal of redundant data elements. The outcome of the process should be a more efficient and effective exchange of information between Trade and Government. The Recommendation and guidelines acknowledge the valuable part the trading community can play in helping reduce the data requirement by recognising business needs and realities and the ability of commercial systems and records to provide the government demanded information.  

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International standard