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UN/CEFACT XML Naming and Design Rules Technical Specification Version 3.0

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United Nations Economic Commission for Europe UN/CEFACT
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This UN/CEFACT – XML Naming and Design Rules Technical Specification describes and specifies the rules and guidelines that will be applied by UN/CEFACT when developing XML schema. This technical specification provide a way to identify, capture and maximize the reuse of business information expressed as XML schema component to support and enhance information interoperability across business multiple situations. 

The UN/CEFACT - XML Naming and Design Rules Technical Specification can be employed whenever business information is being shared or shared amongst and between business enterprises, business agencies, and/or other organization in an open and worldwide environment using XML schema for defining the content of business information playload. This technical specification will form the basis for standards development work of technical experts developing XML schema based on information models developed in accordance with the UN/CEFACT Core Components Technical Specification – Part 8 of the ebXML Framework (CCTS). 

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Electronic message:
- This is an instrument for designing a standardized XML message.
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International standard