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WCO Data Model

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Continuously updated
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World Customs Organization (WCO)
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The WCO Data Model is a set of carefully combined data requirements that are mutually supportive and which will be updated on a regular basis to meet the procedural and legal needs of cross-border regulatory agencies such as Customs, controlling export, import and transit transactions. It is consistent with other international standards such as the United Nations Trade Data Elements Directory (UNTDED).

WCO Data Model not only includes data sets for different customs procedures but also information needed by other Cross-border Regulatory Agencies for the cross-border release and clearance at the border. The WCO Data Model supports the implementation of a Single Window as it allows the reporting of information to all government agency through the unique way it organizes regulatory information.

The WCO Data Model has the following information:

  • The context of information exchange: Business Process Models
  • The content of information exchange: Data sets and Code lists
  • The structures of information exchange: Information models
  • The technical solutions for information exchange: UN/EDIFACT and XML message design.
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Electronic message:
- It is a data model containing standardized data set for constructing electronic messages.
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International standard